At Loqed it is very simple. You adjust the inside of your door fittings with the Loqed lock. You keep your own door fittings on the outside. The loqed lock can easily be adjusted to any desired size. With core pull fittings, your touch screen may not be able to be attached very well.

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Loqed: Open a door with a touch

It has undoubtedly happened to you that you arrive at the front door of your home and you have your hands full, for example with groceries. How do you then take out the house key, insert it into the keyhole and finally turn it? Unless someone else opens the door for you, you usually have no choice but to free up a hand.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could open a door without needing a key? With an intelligent Loqed door lock from the Dutch company of the same name, a light touch is sufficient, without compromising the security of your home. You only need to have one finger free. That door lock is fully called the Touch Smart Lock. It does not have a keyhole, which gives burglars the opportunity to pick a lock. A Loqed lock meets the highest security requirements.

Smartphone app

To open your front door with a light touch, install an app on your smartphone. If your phone comes within a distance of 3 meters from the lock, the message "Touch to Open" will appear on the screen of that lock. This is possible because a wireless connection is set up between the lock and the smartphone. GPS technology is also used so that the lock can accurately store its location. If you approach the castle at a distance of 500 meters, you will receive a signal that you are approaching.

This is done with geofence technology. For this, the lock needs access to your WiFi router. However, this is not possible directly, because the lock only works with Bluetooth. That is why a bridge is used. When the lock receives the signal that you have come close.

It will, as it were, listen to see whether you have already come within a distance of 3 meters. This listening takes place for 20 minutes. If desired, the distance of 500 meters can be made even longer. With the app it is possible to remotely change your door lock for someone else.

Loqed and smart home

An intelligent Loqed lock can very well be included in a Smart Home system. This is useful, because then the lock can work in combination with, for example, a surveillance camera. A Loqed lock can also be controlled from a central point, together with other smartphone components. If your smart home system can also process voice commands, these can also be passed on to the intelligent lock.

Without smartphone

If you don't have your smartphone with you or its battery is empty, you can still open the door. A Loqed lock stores a secret code for this purpose. You can enter the code using touch buttons on the lock and the door will open for you.

Power supply

The power supply to a lock comes from a battery. A charger with rechargeable batteries is available. A fully charged battery lasts up to twelve months.

Installation of the Loqed lock

Installing a Loqed lock is fairly simple. If you are a little handy, you can do it yourself. In terms of tools, a screwdriver is sufficient. To check whether a Loqed lock fits your door, the company's website offers an installation check.