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Hikvision ColorVu

Hikvision ColorVu is an innovative technology developed to provide better image quality in low light. This technology uses a combination of advanced hardware and software to provide color imaging even in minimal lighting, making it easier to identify objects and people.

Color image in the dark with the ColorVu

Traditional security cameras use infrared lighting to provide night vision, resulting in black and white images with limited detail. However, Hikvision ColorVu cameras have a larger aperture value, which lets in more light and captures color information. This ensures bright and vibrant color images, even in total darkness.

Models Hikvision ColorVu

Hikvision ColorVu cameras are available in different models, including bullet cameras, dome cameras and PTZ cameras . These cameras come with a host of advanced features, such as 4K Ultra HD resolution, face detection and tracking, motion detection, smart sound detection, two-way audio, and more.

Hikvision ColorVu cameras are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, such as homes, businesses, shops, warehouses and public spaces. They provide enhanced security and protection for property and people, giving users greater peace of mind.