Difference between door fittings SKG 2* and 3*

The difference between an SKG®** and an SKG®*** cylinder is primarily in the number of closures. The former has 40,000 different closures, the latter 100,000. In addition, the SKG®*** has a pull protection. We therefore recommend the SKG 3* door fitting with anti-pull.

We have various brands of door fittings with and without core pulling protection.

For this we have SKG 2* and SKG 3* without and with anti-pull door fittings.
A currently widely used burglary method is pulling the cylinder. It was only in 2012 that the building decree stated that all cylinders or door fittings must be equipped with core pull protection. This means that almost all homes built before 2012 are not yet equipped with the correct door fittings with SKG 3* core pulling protection.
This makes it very easy to pull the cylinders out of the lock. You can get the right tools for this for just a few bucks. It will then be very easy for any burglar to remove your lock and open the door.
You can easily protect this by providing your locks and/or door fittings with core pull protection. This is easy to recognize in door fittings by the rotating metal plate in front of the cylinder.

How does nuclear pulling work?

Core pulling is done with special tools. This tool uses a hardened steel screw. This screw is screwed into the cylinder. The cylinder is then pulled out of the fitting using a so-called core puller. The door can be opened almost silently within 1 minute. With multi-point locks, all locks open simultaneously. Homes with a Police Quality Mark for Safe Living (PKVW) are also not resistant to this burglary method without adjustment.
Core pulling tools and so-called cylinder crackers are available in regular stores.
To prevent cylinder cracking and core pulling, you can equip your doors with our SKG door fittings with core pulling protection . We have these from MC door fittings, among others .

Because there is a pull protection in the door fittings, the burglar already realizes that this is much more difficult and takes much more time than normal door fittings without core pull protection.
This is an advantage on the door cylinders with pull and drill protection. The burglar only sees it much later or even after the burglar has tried to force open the cylinder. With SKG 3* door fittings with core pulling protection, the burglar will immediately pass through your home.

Below is an example from DGN retail of how easy it is to pull a cylinder and a video about the impact key in Edition NL:

This applies to almost all homes, many of which were built before 2012. Only in 2012 was it definitively specified in the building decree that the door cylinders must be equipped with core pulling protection.

That is why they now have the SKG 3* cylinder with an extra hardened cylinder so that the cylinder can no longer be pulled. But even better is the SKG 3* door fitting with core pulling protection.
Below we have a number of items that we sell directly through the webshop. We will soon try to offer the other brands of door fittings via the webshop.