Jablotron 100 easy to install yourself

The JABLOTRON 100 alarm system adapts flexibly to the security requirements of every home. Independent arming of the individual zones ensures monitoring of only the selected areas that need to be armed at that time. For example, the alarm can monitor the garage during the day and the garage plus the ground floor of the house and the garden at night. The alarm misses nothing and always asks for help on time.

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  • The alarm is easy to operate and has a modern design.
  • The alarm shows you simply and clearly which parts of the alarm are switched on.
  • You can control it with your smartphone from anywhere.
  • The alarm lets you know when your children come home from school.
  • You can control any home appliance remotely, wherever you are.

The JABLOTRON 100 alarm enchants everyone with its simple operation and understandable status display.

The alarm accurately adapts
to the specific security requirements of each home. The alarm misses nothing and asks for help in time.

  • You quickly get used to the controls.
  • You can ask for help just by pressing a button, including for health problems.
  • The alarm also warns you if you have left a window open.
  • Your alarm system meets all security requirements of your home.
  • Selected detectors monitor your home while you sleep.

Control panel of Jablotron 100

The control panel of the Jablotron 100 alarm system can be operated by up to 300 users. For system control, there are bus-wired and fully wireless versions of the access modules. These are all equipped with an RFID reader, a keyboard and a display, depending on the model. Control segments connected to the modules apply simple traffic light logic for easy operation of individual sections, outputs, emergency calls or system status display. Because the control segments have bright green and red LED signals, the status of the individual sections and outputs of the JABLOTRON 100 system is immediately understandable for every user upon first use. The system is controlled by pressing the button of the desired segment and confirmed by entering a code or applying an RFID card or chip.

Jablotron 100 package installation


The JABLOTRON 100 alarm system has 120 wireless or bus-wired zones

for detectors, keypad and control modules, siren and other device assignments. The system can be divided into 15 sections. The control panel combines the bus architecture of wireless connections with the wireless connections of the individual devices. The wireless communication is based on the new two-way dynamic JABLOTRON 100 transmission protocol using a frequency of 868 MHz. The range of the communicator is several hundred meters with direct visibility and can be extended by connecting further radio modules. In order to ensure perfect coverage of the monitored area, the system can accommodate three radio modules. The system offers a wide range of devices for bus wired and wireless connection for individual premises security.

Wireless motion detector yes-150p

 Outputs and signals Jablotron

The Jablotron 100 alarm system offers 32 programmable outputs. The status can be sent via bus or wirelessly to PG

output modules, for control of selected devices. The selected PG output is assigned to a power module with a DIP switch. A section arming or PG output activation is indicated by the red LED of a bus indicator. Alarm indication, system arming and PG output on/off are performed by wired bus or wireless sirens in both indoor and outdoor variants with new, attractive designs. The indoor siren also contains a push button with programmable functions.

7 reasons why a Jablotron 100 alarm system:

  • Simple operation – the JABLOTRON 100 is the first alarm that is immediately understandable for everyone. Thanks to its revolutionary operating system you never have to fear it. An alarm system designed for people!
  • Timeless design – the appearance of the systems has been designed in collaboration with top designers. Discover the beauty of the JABLOTRON 100!
  • Accessible from anywhere – you can easily control your Jablotron 100 Alarm System from a PC or smartphone. This way you can offer limitless service to your customers!

Jablotron 100 products

  • Freedom of choice – the JABLOTRON 100 alarm offers absolute freedom of choice and adapts to the security needs of a house, apartment, holiday home, office or factory. Plan the scope as you want and as your customers need!
  • Multifunctional use – the JABLOTRON 100 not only protects against burglars, but also against fire, water overflow or gas leaks. The alarm is also able to control the heating or open your garage door. Make full use of state-of-the-art technology!
  • Economical installation – the combination of the wireless and wired design of the JABLOTRON 100 not only saves the building, but also your wallet when installed. Take advantage of Jablotron’s unique wireless technology!
  • Real security – offers your customers the real security of a professionally installed alarm system with continuous monitoring and reliable notifications in the event of an emergency.

Reporting and remote control

The control panel is equipped with a GSM/GPRS/LAN voice dialer and SMS or GPRS communication with users and/or Private Alarm Centers (PAC). A dialer can also be connected to a landline telephone line. In addition to the information transfer of the voters’ system, they also serve as modems for full remote access, monitoring, programming and last but not least output control (e.g. for home appliance control). Remote access can be performed by an internet connection, internet remote control, by SMS or by direct connection to the F-link configuration software.

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Technical specifications Jablotron 100

  • Up to 120 wireless or bus-wired zones
  • Up to 300 users
  • Up to 15 sections can be switched
  • Up to 32 programmable outputs
  • 20 independent calendars
  • Built-in GSM/GPRS/LAN voice communicator, SMS or GPRS
  • communication with users and Private Alarm Center (PAC)
  • SMS messages from the system to up to 30 users
  • 4 adjustable control rooms (PAC)
  • 1 GB memory for storage, audio messages and images
  • Back up 12V rechargeable battery 18 Ah
  • Certification to EN 50131 grade 2