W hy a wireless alarm system for your home or business...?

A wireless alarm system is nowadays very popular for both homes and businesses. It offers many advantages, including the absence of cables for installation, which significantly reduces installation costs. All it takes is hanging the components in the right places and the system is ready to use. The Jablotron, Ajax and Hikvision alarm system can be programmed for you or you can choose to have it installed by our own technicians.

We offer class 1 and 2 alarm systems that do not require a control room subscription and can be fully managed by the customer. However, it is possible to connect your alarm system to a BORG/VEB-certified control room and all alarm systems we sell can be BORG/VEB certified. In addition, all our alarm systems are NCP approved.

We no longer carry out delivery or VEB or Borg certifications ourselves. In practice we see that this is less requested.

Advantage of wireless alarm

The biggest advantage of a wireless alarm system is that no wiring is required and the batteries usually last 1-3 years before needing to be replaced. The system can easily be expanded and taken to a new home. For example, the Jablotron 100 can reach up to 300 meters and is less susceptible to interference than older systems. And nowadays with the Ajax alarm system you can operate any building wirelessly and there is almost no limitation to the wireless range.

To determine which components are needed for your home, we must look at the number of motion detectors and magnetic contacts required for optimal security. Motion detectors should be placed in strategic places and magnetic contacts should be installed on windows and doors that can be opened.

Our website offers more information about the Jablotron 100, Ajax and Hikvision alarms and we have manuals available in Dutch. Please feel free to contact us for more information or for a customized quote.